Elisabeth Sangüesa

General Manager

Elisabeth Sangüesa came to Stanborough Press in 2010 as the Marketing Director, and was asked to become the General Manager in 2015. After obtaining her Hons Degree in Business Administration and her professional marketing qualifications, she has dedicated 33 years to the publishing industry (27 in SDA institutions). Elisabeth has worked in several publishing companies with experience in such diverse roles as graphic designer, production coordinator, children’s editor, translator and sales manager.

Trevor Johnson

UK & European Sales Manager

Trevor Johnson joined Stanborough Press in 2017 as UK Sales Manager. He has responsibility for all retail outlets, sales events (within the UK as well as internationally), the central ABC at Grantham and the recent addition of the LifeSource online shop brand. He has expanded his portfolio to create business opportunities within Europe. He brings sales knowledge from the private sector operations and higher education.

Peter Oppong-Mensah

Production Manager

Peter Oppong-Mensah holds a BA degree from the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology in Ghana, specialising in Graphic Design, and a Master’s degree in Creative Multimedia from the University of Teesside, England. He has vast experience in the print and media production industry spanning over 24 years, including managing his own business. He joined the management team of Stanborough Press in 2019, and looks after Production, Prepress, Exports and Warehouse.

Pastor Julian Thompson


Julian Thompson joined the Stanborough Press team as Editor-in-Chief in June 2022. He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science from the University of Nottingham, has advanced degrees in Theology from Newbold College, and is reading for a doctorate in Biblical Studies at the University of Oxford. Julian has worked in a variety of sectors including finance, digital broadcast media, higher education, and pastoral ministry. He also serves as chair-designate for a local charity.

Pastor Elvis Chimbo

Export Sales Manager

Pastor Chimbo started as a Literature Evangelist in 1992, dedicating 29 years to the publishing ministry. After being appointed Assistant Publishing Director in the Central Zambia Conference, he studied Sales and Marketing Management with the University of Zambia. Pastor Chimbo also studied Theology at Bugema University in Uganda, and worked as a student Literature Evangelist in Norway. Later, he was appointed Publishing Director in the Central Zambia Conference, and then in the Northern Zambia Union. Pastor Chimbo came to Stanborough Press to work as Export Sales Manager in 2018. Lately he has embarked upon a Master’s degree in Religious Studies.